At some point we've all made an instinctive shot. A bird or a clay has surprised us and without conscious thought, we observed the target, brought the gun up, and have made the shot. More times than not in that instance the shot has connected.

Instinctive shooting draws upon the natural ability that we have to point at things accurately and applies it to the shotgun. Our brain, eyes, and hands already know what to do, we simply must learn to mount a shotgun to align with that ability. In this series Keith Coyle, a renown shooting instructor in the lineage of Robert Churchill and Roger Silcox, takes you through a virtual lesson where you will learn to properly mount a shotgun to shoot instinctively with great success.

Here is a sample of the teaching material

Keith Coyle, Instructor

Keith's coaching lineage descends directly from the definitive knowledge of the legendary Robert Churchill 

​He learnt his trade from the very best. Working for and mentored by the renowned Chris Craddock, Roger Silcox & Sam Grice. Three of the United Kingdoms most respected Shooting Guardians. 

For Keith, coaching is a passion as well as a profession. It is his intention to give shotgun enthusiasts the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from shooting well.

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