More than 3 hours of content are included in this combination course. In the first hour long course you will be introduced to driven game shooting; the origin and practice of the sport, along with a review of instinctive shooting, driven game kit, and ettiquite while on a shooting day.

The second portion of the course moves out to the field. Simulated driven game starts with the Glorious 12th; the opening of grouse season in the UK. Learn how to approach shooting birds from a butte and how to apply instinctive shooting.

After grouse, sport moves to partridge and shooting with rhythm.

High driven pheasant round out the simulated season. Here you will learn techniques to shoot pheasant at stonking heights of 50-70yards or more!

Here is a sample from the lessons

Keith Coyle, Instructor

Considered as one of the United Kingdoms most traditionally trained and experienced professional shooting instructors, he is formally recognized by some of the most prestigious gun makers of of Europe, the UK and the U.S.A. including Krieghof, Caesar Guerini, Fausti and Grulla Armas 

A highly experienced Shoot Captain, Keith managed the inaugural season of the 4,500 acre Dunira Sporting Estate, Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland

​He learnt his trade from the very best. Working for and mentored by the renowned Chris Craddock, Roger Silcox & Sam Grice. Three of the United Kingdoms most respected Shooting Guardians.

For Keith, coaching is a passion as well as a profession. It is his intention to give shotgun enthusiasts the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from shooting well.

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